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Benefits of a morning routine

Hello my awesome readers, I believe all of us want the best version of our lives. For me that looks like living intentionally or as I call it a life by design. Intentional living is a conscious attempt to live according to ones beliefs and values. It’s not just an aesthetic on Instagram or a passing fad it requires mindfulness and unlearning and learning and understanding your why. One of the things I use to help me to stay the course is a morning routine. I have found many benefits from a morning routine and I thought let me share these benefits.

“I will form good habits and become their slave-Og Mandino.”

 Bit first…….Things to consider when crafting your own morning routine

Personalize it- You cannot copy and paste a morning routine it needs to work for you. Your morning routine could be a morning coffee alone or a short walk or just being able to shower with your favourite song playing.

Be flexible- On days that I wake up early, I read scripture, pray journal and exercise. On days when I have less time I skip on the exercise. Your morning routine needs to be flexible. Secondly add new things and remove the things that don’t work for you.

Prepare the night before- A good night’s sleep goes a long way. For starters you might snooze your alarm less and you will be alert and present for your routine. Also iron your clothes the night before and pack your lunch the night before so that you have some minutes to spare.

Consistency- The secret to forming good habits and seeing results is consistency. Even on days you don’t feel like it.

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A good breakfast goes a long way


The benefits of a morning routine
Helps you set the intention for the day

Journaling is integral for me and how my day turns out. I am able to write down all my to do list and my intention for that day, that can come from one of my affirmations or the scripture that I have read that day.

Allows time for self-check in

Often the first thing we do after we wake up is get on our phone. Before we know it there’s only enough time to shower, pack lunch and go. A morning routine allows us to check in with ourselves check how we are feeling. Ask yourself when last did you put yourself first and checked how your emotional, physical and mental health is?

Lowers stress

Most of the angst for the day comes from rushing in your morning and we carry that feeling throughout our day. When you start your day more mindful, practicing gratitude and just focusing on what matters for that day you are less likely to feel stress.

Increases Productivity

A morning routine helps you to focus on what is important. With so many distractions and things vying for our time, this time you set up apart to decide what is important seeps into the rest of your day. You are able to tackle more tasks as you have clarity on what is important.

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Full disclosure not all days are the same, some days my snooze button wins and some days my why wins. It is really important to not be hard on yourself when you do not tick all your boxes. Some days just getting out of bed is an achievement and that is Ok. That is why I encourage journaling as it reminds me why I do what I do and also a reminder of all my little wins. I really hope that today’s post encourages you to start your own morning routine or if you have one to see it through. We are all one habit away from our success.



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