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Greenlights{Book review}

Author: Matthew McConaughey
Publicationyear: 2020
Genre : memoir


Alright, alright, alright today we review Matthew Mc McConaughey’s memoir Greenlights. It was one of the books that’s off of my books that I absolutely had to read this year. I was not disappointed.

” I started to believe that my life’s calling was to become a monk. I made plans to go to South AFrica after my year’s exchange and go free Nelson Mandela.” 


Greenlights is a collection of Matthew McConaughey’s diaries from the past thirty-five years. He set time apart to go to the desert and read these diaries and write what he calls an approach book. Its what he calls a love letter to life. A guide to catching more greenlights – and to realize that the yellows and the reds eventually turn green, too. By design and on purpose.

“Any success takes one in a row. Do one thing well, then another. Once, then once more. Over and and over until the end, then it’s one in a row again”.

What are green lights?

He attributes them to the affirmations that life gives us ,as approvals, support or praise. He says catching these greenlights is about skill: intent, context, consideration, endurance, anticipation, resilience, speed and discipline. Adding that they can be disguised as yellow and red lights. A caution, a detour, an interruption, sickness, pain and death.

“Travel and humanity have been my greatest educators. They have helped me understand the common denominator of mankind. Values. Engage with yourself then engage with the world.”

My thoughts….

It was an easy read, I finished it in less than a week. It felt like meeting an acquaintance and sitting down and hearing his life’s story. I really guffawed at certain stories, the Australian one in particular. Although in  his first chapter there were certain stories that he mentioned but never elaborated on. Such as being molested, doing Peyote in a cage with a mountain lion. However on the molestation in one interview he said he chose not to go into detail as there was nothing constructive about that experience. The manner in which he’s attuned to life and can realize that certain dreams have meaning touched a nerve with me as I have a recurring dream whenever it is time for a change or a new beginning. I enjoyed that he was open about his own muck and not giving us the gleaned Hollywood version of his life. The book is definitely not preachy but if you are willing there are quite a few lessons. His lived quite a privileged life by being able to experience so much and his used such privileges for good.








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