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My first time at the fete de la musique


On Saturday the 18th of June the hills were alive with the sound of music, well at least Newtown junction mall and three other venues around Johannesburg were. The Fete da la musique free concert was making its return after a two year hiatus. This was my first time at the event and I went to the Newtown Junction mall venue.

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“Today’s performance was a celebration of my gift of song, a gift I have done a disservice to as a result of twelve hour days on set. Today I was paying homage to God for this gift and to my ancestors and to myself…It’s also epic and amazing to play with my dad, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a supportive dad.” –Letoya Makhene.


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What is the Fete de la musique ?

Fete de la musique or make music day also known as world music day is an annual music celebration that takes place on the 21st of June. It is celebrated by hosting free music festivals.  Having its origins in France it has been celebrated there ( and other countries have joined in) for  40 years. It was established in South Africa in 2010 by the French Institute of South Africa ( IFAS). The festival’s vision is not only to highlight fresh talent, but also to be an incubator and create long-term opportunities for the new generation of performers. Many local and international artists have taken part in the event throughout the years and contributed to its success, including Samthing Soweto, Msaki, Nakhane, Zoe Modiga, BLK JKS, Urban Village, BCUC and Berita to mention a few.

As I mentioned there were four venues namely: Alliance Française in Parkview, Soweto’s native rebels, Victoria Yards and Newtown Junction. I chose Newtown Junction, if you are like me and are not familiar with Johannesburg. Newtown Junction Mall is known as the mall that celebrates African Culture, it’s situated in Johannesburg’s inner city and forms part of the city’s cultural and creative hub. It houses theatres, art galleries, museums, restaurants, craft markets, clubs and cafés.



On the day they had three stages:

Piazza Stage: Latoya Makhene, Bonga Kwana, Farai Matake and BCUC

Railway Stage: LNT Sound, 3 HEADS, NotBenjamin, DJ Teedo Love

Ampd Stage: Clement Measuretutti, Adrian Kapiten, Vinnie Mak

“Music for me is unifying, it is healing, feel good. I read the crowd, today I had planned Hip Hop, East African and Afro beats and I added dancehall and reggae once I recognized some regulars in the crowd , it was a hit, I also enjoyed myself and ended up dancing.”-Dj Teedo Love

I know the country or rather the world has been ‘opened’ but I still prefer to keep indoors when I can, adjusting at my own pace to the new normal. I am so glad I went out though. It was an awesome family friendly day out. My friends and I enjoyed ourselves the weather even played along. The railway station was where the party was at though, the stalls were also located there and a girl found herself buying some treats whilst making new friends. I was also introduced to BCUC, I quite enjoyed  their music and they will be touring France soon. It was really a day to sing along, dance like no one is watching and lose oneself in the music.




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