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Spilt Milk {Book Review}

Author: Kopano Matlwa Publication year: 2010 Genre: Political Fiction Hello my beautiful family, it really has been a whilst. Just like most things in my life my reading has been neglected and whilst I am up for air I am fitting in as many books as I can. Ever since I read coconut I couldn’t… Read More Spilt Milk {Book Review}

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The Path Made Clear { Book Review}

Author: Oprah Winfrey Publication year: 2018 Genre: Fiction “Your life isn’t about a big break. It’s about taking one significant life-transforming step at a time’ After this last year that felt like a decade, this book that was gifted to me was a blessing in disguise. As it provided that much needed inspiration for this… Read More The Path Made Clear { Book Review}

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The Ice Cream Girls { Book Review}

Author: Dorothy Koomson Publication year: 2010 Genre: Fiction “I did not know that when you drop a stone of a stupid choice in the pool of your life, it can cause a tidal wave to surge outwards, destroying everyone and everything in its path.” ― Dorothy Koomson, The Ice Cream Girls Lock down really gave… Read More The Ice Cream Girls { Book Review}

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The Theory of flight {Book Review}

Author: Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu Publication year: 2018 Genre: Fiction   Lockdown provided me with time to return to my first love, reading. Not just any reading but reading novels and getting that much needed escape. Each year I challenge myself to read a certain number of books. Books from different genres and find a new… Read More The Theory of flight {Book Review}

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Surviving this shithole { Book Review}

As a young girl who grew up being “told you speak so well”. “If I just close my eyes I could pretend it’s a white person and my favorite “are you sure you are Xhosa or from South Africa” this book was written for me. It turns out people had it wrong I’m not a… Read More Surviving this shithole { Book Review}

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Author: Tara Westover Publication year: 2018 Genre: Memoir   Being a fan of Super Soul Sundays it’s a wonder I stumbled onto this 2019 best seller so late. Having watched and listened to this young woman talk about her childhood and her journey of education and unlearning I knew I had to get the book.… Read More Educated

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Daring Greatly {book review}

Author: Brene Brown Publication year: 2013 Genre: self-help book “Perfect and bulletproof are seductive, but they don’t exist in the human experience”  When I launched my blog I looked for quotes that summed up how I felt about my finally taking that leap of faith and low and behold Dr. Brene Brown. It bothered me… Read More Daring Greatly {book review}


Taste of the Cape {Review}

“Nothing good ever happens in East London” this is an example of some of the untrue sentiments some people share about our lovely city. Which is why whenever there is an event that disproves this notion I am so there for it. The fact there was wine and gin there helped a little, that’s my… Read More Taste of the Cape {Review}

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1984 {Book Review}

Author: George Orwell Year of publication: 1949 Genre: dystopian literature “Big Brother is Watching You.” I haven’t needed a moment in a corner rocking myself back and forth telling myself it’s all going to be alright in a minute. Yet that is exactly what happened after I put this terrifying classic down. I have heard… Read More 1984 {Book Review}

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Becoming-Book Review

Author: Michelle Obama Publication year: 2018 Genre: Memoir When I read a book for the purposes of a review, I sit with a notebook so I can write my favourite lines or chapters. However when it came to reading this best seller( best selling book of 2018, on its way to becoming best selling memoir… Read More Becoming-Book Review