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    Greenlights{Book review}

    Author: Matthew McConaughey Publicationyear: 2020 Genre : memoir   Alright, alright, alright today we review Matthew Mc McConaughey’s memoir Greenlights. It was one of the books that’s off of my books that I absolutely had to read this year. I…

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    Sister Sister { Book review}

    I have been in need for a novel, in need of suspension of reality. My answer came in the form of this book Sister Sister. It suspended my reality so much, that as I write I am still floating back…

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    Spilt Milk {Book Review}

    Author: Kopano Matlwa Publication year: 2010 Genre: Political Fiction Hello my beautiful family, it really has been a whilst. Just like most things in my life my reading has been neglected and whilst I am up for air I am…

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    The Path Made Clear { Book Review}

    Author: Oprah Winfrey Publication year: 2018 Genre: Fiction “Your life isn’t about a big break. It’s about taking one significant life-transforming step at a time’ After this last year that felt like a decade, this book that was gifted to…

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    The Ice Cream Girls { Book Review}

    Author: Dorothy Koomson Publication year: 2010 Genre: Fiction “I did not know that when you drop a stone of a stupid choice in the pool of your life, it can cause a tidal wave to surge outwards, destroying everyone and…