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Downward-facing dog day!

“Deep Breaths are like little love notes to your body” Happy International Yoga day. What started out as a cool thing to do in Varsity ( I did Ashtanga yoga then) grew into one of my favourite things. I now Practise Iyengar yoga, this is one of the best methods to keep my anxiety at… Read More Downward-facing dog day!

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The destructive things we say

“Think before you speak. The words you say can only be forgiven not forgotten.”   Hi and welcome to my third and final blog on my series about depression. Today I want to talk to the people we turn to in our time of need, people we open up to and the destructive things they… Read More The destructive things we say

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My journey with depression part 2:Separating the Anxious and the Real mind

I find that anxiety is a cruel beast in that it is a struggle between you and your anxious mind. A struggle that leaves you doubting yourself and your thoughts. A struggle that happens in your mind the entire day whilst you have to be a functioning adult to say that its exhausting doesn’t quite… Read More My journey with depression part 2:Separating the Anxious and the Real mind

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My journey with depression

Forget about likability. If you start out thinking about being likable, you’re not going to tell your story honestly- Chimamande Ngozi Adichie This by far is the hardest post I have had to write, one of the reasons is that I am letting you in and fully in. I do not enjoy being vulnerable but… Read More My journey with depression

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International NO-Diet day

“I am so tired of saying no, waking up in the morning and recalling every single thing I ate the day before, counting every calorie I consumed so I know just how much self-loathing to take into the shower. I’m going for it. I have no interest in being obese, I’m just through with the… Read More International NO-Diet day

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How to chase your body goals in winter

It is often said that summer bodies are made in winter, what they don’t say is how hard it is. They don’t say how seductive your blankets are, how scary the dark is or inviting are those winter meals.  So if you have some body goals you’re chasing whether it’s to lose 5kgs or gain… Read More How to chase your body goals in winter

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The morning habits of successful womyn

I believe that this year is the year of the side hustle and coming for everything they said we couldn’t have. In order to achieve this it is not enough to believe it and say it, it requires that I put in work daily and that I change certain things. Beyoncé wasn’t built in a… Read More The morning habits of successful womyn

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A heart of gratitude

Gratitude turns what we have into enough- Maya Angelou Birthdays are a huge thing for me, if you know me you know this is the one time I am not exaggerating or adding spice. I do not truly celebrate Valentine’s Day or anything else as much as I go crazy for birthdays. Growing up this… Read More A heart of gratitude

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My number one pet peeve is saying good bye. It makes no difference whether it’s the end of a series, book or relationship; I hate it all the same. However I am a big believer in having a teachable spirit, this pet peeve was causing me some serious problems. Too many people who no longer… Read More LEARNING TO WALK AWAY