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Author: Paulo Coelho Publication year: 1990 Genre: Spiritual “Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” Molweni! As you all may know I am a huge Paulo Coelho fan and so when I found out this story is about finding ones’ soulmate I couldn’t wait to… Read More Brida

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Everything I never told you book review

  Category: Suspense and Thriller (Literary Fiction) Jhuuuu (hands on my head) that’s all I can say after putting down this beautiful yet tragic family portrait that is “Everything I never told you”. I went in expecting one thing but ended up getting another, I expected to just be another reader but I ended up… Read More Everything I never told you book review

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The Sky is everywhere….

“Grief is a house where no one can protect you, where the younger sister will grow older than the older one. Where the doors no longer let you in or out” I picked up this book when I was rummaging through a friends book collection, the title caught my eye and I had never heard… Read More The Sky is everywhere….

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They don’t love you like that

Stop living your life trying to impress people, they don’t love you like that. One of the many awesome things about having a blog that has a book review section is that I now read more, not only that I am constantly looking for new writers. Preferably ones who write differently to what I am… Read More They don’t love you like that

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The thing around your neck

“Riots do not happen in a Vacuum, religion and ethnicity are often politicized because the ruler is safe if the hungry ruled are killing one another”-A private experience Our busy schedules do not leave out enough time for novels, thank goodness for short stories. They provide the necessary escape into an inviting world, a world… Read More The thing around your neck

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We’re going to need more wine

Firstly can I just say if I were to be famous enough that a memoir about my life would be commissioned this is the name I would choose. So thanks Gabrielle I now need a new name. The title is not a suggestion it is an instruction we are going to need more wine and… Read More We’re going to need more wine