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    Some of my all time favourite reads….

    I am in this really weird phase of my reading life where I pick up a book and go “oh wow you look interesting” three chapters in I find or rather I am suggested a new book and I go “oh wow you look interesting”. Ladies and gentlemen I am five books in and none completed. The book-worm in me is like my dear loyal readers are dying waiting for me to review a book (Uhm I checked the local news no such happening, false alarm folks). Seriously though I thought let me give you a review of some my favorite books that I have read, perhaps today’s post might…

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    The thing around your neck

    “Riots do not happen in a Vacuum, religion and ethnicity are often politicized because the ruler is safe if the hungry ruled are killing one another”-A private experience Our busy schedules do not leave out enough time for novels, thank goodness for short stories. They provide the necessary escape into an inviting world, a world that evokes all your emotions, and just before reality comes knocking the story is done. Leaving you to go back to adulting until you have more time for a short read. This is exactly how I felt about Chimamanda Ngozi Adiches’ the thing around your neck. It is a compilation of 12 short stories, all…