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How to get out of debt

In case you have been living underneath a rock, July is national savings month and we have covered the reason why we are broke. Now we need to figure out how to get out of debt. This post needs to start with a disclaimer: I could give you all the cheat notes to getting out… Read More How to get out of debt

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4 Pro tips to stop Procrastinating Now

We are never ever, ever getting back together. I have been singing that song for a bit over a decade but procrastination keeps on coming back. Reminds me of the good times we spent binging that series instead of finishing an assignment. Then I remind him of the bad times: me (trying and failing ever… Read More 4 Pro tips to stop Procrastinating Now



I would like to start this blog by apologizing to Peter Pan, you were right growing up issa trap. Where is Neverland when you need it? Am I the only one who calls on my inner child when life gets too tough? I was one of those many, many fools who couldn’t wait to grow… Read More Adulting