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The Greatest love story….Between You and God

Hi there, before I start is it me or has the year flown by? Still so much to accomplish and it seems like so little time (Sigh!). Today for my #InspireMondays I want to talk about a quote by Yasmin Mogahed, that just spoke directly to my soul. How wonderful is this quote that it… Read More The Greatest love story….Between You and God

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Sipping Tea… .Womxn need a safe space

So a friend of mine and I were having a venting session over some fermented grapes and lamb curry (When I tell you a story I mention everything!). I think it was the good food that made the vent happen so easily guys we went hard (on the venting not the grapes! it was cathartic)… Read More Sipping Tea… .Womxn need a safe space

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My number one pet peeve is saying good bye. It makes no difference whether it’s the end of a series, book or relationship; I hate it all the same. However I am a big believer in having a teachable spirit, this pet peeve was causing me some serious problems. Too many people who no longer… Read More LEARNING TO WALK AWAY