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Be Inspired To Love More

Hello Friends, welcome to the month of Love. I figured to go in line with the theme of love this month let me share some quotes that will inspire you to love more. Not just the romantic love but love for self, friends and life.   This Month ,and every other month, I hope we… Read More Be Inspired To Love More

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Chooseday: Stop explaining your dreams/ purpose

Molweni, allow me to take you back to sunday school for a bit. Remember the story of Joseph and how he used to tell his brothers his dreams? These dreams not only made the brothers hate him but they became more jealous and even plotted to kill him. Now I am not saying that if… Read More Chooseday: Stop explaining your dreams/ purpose

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3 Quotes to live by this week

Hello! my awesome readers and all round amazing humans, hope you are good on this Monday. If you cannot tell I have had one of the best well-balanced, well rested weekends in a while. I am feeling all kinds of wonder woman. Which is why today’s post I will share three of my favorite quotes… Read More 3 Quotes to live by this week

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Start Now, With What You Have!

Hello, for our first inspire Monday of the year I  want to make sure that : after the mood, excitement of “New Year, new me” has worn off we are  still intentional in making our goals a reality Today’s post is about looking at all the excuses that are holding you back, doing away with them and… Read More Start Now, With What You Have!

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Why New Year’s resolutions are so 2018

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.-Oprah Winfrey” Happy New Year family hope you are still lounging around poolside with the family and are still successfully evading adulting. Perhaps you are part of the unlucky few who are back at work and getting the last minute school stuff… Read More Why New Year’s resolutions are so 2018

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Be Set Apart

Happy Monday! Can you feel the Dezember vibes around the corner? I personally cannot wait to go on holiday and just rest. Today on Inspire Monday I want to talk about being set apart and what it fully means. We are nearing the end of the year and I hope we have reached most if… Read More Be Set Apart

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Cheering others on

“What I love about you the last few months is that you set your goals and then mission for it…You’ve got people rooting for you.” This was a message from a dear friend of mine after I sent a voice note venting about whatever was vexing me at that moment. What I loved about it… Read More Cheering others on

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Stop Waiting For Better Days in order to be Great!

Molweni! , confession time I have missed posting but I had to take a much-needed break but more on that later this week, I am now refreshed, re energized and ready to own this week. I thought for my first inspiration for September let’s get real about our motivation and staying productive for the last… Read More Stop Waiting For Better Days in order to be Great!

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Choose day-The Power of choice ( A guide to Intentional living)

Intentional living-A lifestyle based on a conscious decision by an individual or group to live according to their values and beliefs.  Hey there amazing humans, what a busy month August has been. If you are a loyal reader you would have noticed I have been posting less often, that’s cause my day job has been… Read More Choose day-The Power of choice ( A guide to Intentional living)

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The Sky is everywhere….

“Grief is a house where no one can protect you, where the younger sister will grow older than the older one. Where the doors no longer let you in or out” I picked up this book when I was rummaging through a friends book collection, the title caught my eye and I had never heard… Read More The Sky is everywhere….