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My Favourite Quotes

Hey there! No day or week is the same. Last week I experienced writers block and  was generally bleh, this weekend I made sure to hit pause and refresh myself.Too often we are busy trying to do everything and take care of everyone and we forget ourselves, we cannot pour from an empty cup. Perhaps… Read More My Favourite Quotes

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Get Into The Habit Of Excellence Today!

Hey there, can you believe we are halfway through the year? Can you even remember your new year’s resolutions or your goals? For today’s inspire Monday I am talking to those people who are tired and are in desperate need of a holiday. The people who have been putting in the effort but the reward… Read More Get Into The Habit Of Excellence Today!

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The Greatest love story….Between You and God

Hi there, before I start is it me or has the year flown by? Still so much to accomplish and it seems like so little time (Sigh!). Today for my #InspireMondays I want to talk about a quote by Yasmin Mogahed, that just spoke directly to my soul. How wonderful is this quote that it… Read More The Greatest love story….Between You and God

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4 Pro tips to stop Procrastinating Now

We are never ever, ever getting back together. I have been singing that song for a bit over a decade but procrastination keeps on coming back. Reminds me of the good times we spent binging that series instead of finishing an assignment. Then I remind him of the bad times: me (trying and failing ever… Read More 4 Pro tips to stop Procrastinating Now

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Be Brave and Let It Go

For today’s #inspireMonday I would like you to get real with yourself, lying to ourselves serves absolutely no purpose. I am drawing inspiration from one of my favorite authors Paulo Coelho. What are you holding onto? Anger, disappointment? Old conversations, arguments or relationships that have passed their sell by date? The quote clearly states that… Read More Be Brave and Let It Go

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Sipping Tea… .Womxn need a safe space

So a friend of mine and I were having a venting session over some fermented grapes and lamb curry (When I tell you a story I mention everything!). I think it was the good food that made the vent happen so easily guys we went hard (on the venting not the grapes! it was cathartic)… Read More Sipping Tea… .Womxn need a safe space

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The Beauty In Starting Over

Hey there my awesome readers, I do hope you had a relaxed weekend ( although short) and you are ready to own this week. Today  I want to share a post I saw and that spoke to me on so many levels. You might be going through a particularly difficult time but I want to… Read More The Beauty In Starting Over

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What are you declaring over your life?

This was the question that came up over and over in my quiet time. Often we take for granted the power of words but many religions, cultures, inspirational leaders write about the power of words. In Xhosa we say “ukuthetha kuya dala” Loosely interpreted speaking (has power to) create. This made me reflect on the… Read More What are you declaring over your life?

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Be fearless

Happy Monday! ( a moment of silence, I never knew I could use those two words together). Are you living in a world of what if? if only? in my time? or worse what will people say?Well I am here to say stop it. The last two weeks have been a not so gentle reminder… Read More Be fearless

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Monday inspiration..You are enough!!

Sometimes (All the time) we need a little push in order to Monday properly. As a result I want to start a little section called inspirational/ motivational Monday. So for my first segment I want to focus on a quote by one of my favorite poets Maya Angelou. The reason I chose this quote is… Read More Monday inspiration..You are enough!!