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How do people feel around you?

Hey there, as you may know  I suffer from anxiety and depression. I’m really blessed to have friends who go through the motions with me, in the midst of my anxiety attack if they cannot be physically there they will call and sit through it with me. This reminded me of one of my favorite… Read More How do people feel around you?

Inspire Mondays, Lifestyle

Get Into The Habit Of Excellence Today!

Hey there, can you believe we are halfway through the year? Can you even remember your new year’s resolutions or your goals? For today’s inspire Monday I am talking to those people who are tired and are in desperate need of a holiday. The people who have been putting in the effort but the reward… Read More Get Into The Habit Of Excellence Today!

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Downward-facing dog day!

“Deep Breaths are like little love notes to your body” Happy International Yoga day. What started out as a cool thing to do in Varsity ( I did Ashtanga yoga then) grew into one of my favourite things. I now Practise Iyengar yoga, this is one of the best methods to keep my anxiety at… Read More Downward-facing dog day!

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Sipping Tea… .Womxn need a safe space

So a friend of mine and I were having a venting session over some fermented grapes and lamb curry (When I tell you a story I mention everything!). I think it was the good food that made the vent happen so easily guys we went hard (on the venting not the grapes! it was cathartic)… Read More Sipping Tea… .Womxn need a safe space

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A heart of gratitude

Gratitude turns what we have into enough- Maya Angelou Birthdays are a huge thing for me, if you know me you know this is the one time I am not exaggerating or adding spice. I do not truly celebrate Valentine’s Day or anything else as much as I go crazy for birthdays. Growing up this… Read More A heart of gratitude