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Inspirational quotes for Kween

Molweni kwi Mbokodo ! As we all know we are in the thick of it yes you guessed it:women’s month. A friend of mine asked if I was going to write anything for women’s day. I said no, I write predominately for women every other day. Quite honestly I wasn’t really inspired to write for this… Read More Inspirational quotes for Kween

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Sipping tea….A love letter to my Mbokodo

Today is womxns day the peak of womxns month, a month that is meant to celebrate the resilience of womxn, their absolute strength so powerful we are called mbokodo. Yet in the very next moment we are raped and murdered like we are nothing. With the many triggers happening all around us, I thought let… Read More Sipping tea….A love letter to my Mbokodo